Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (2024)

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It's that time of year again - holiday baking time. Here are my favorite vegan-friendly holiday cookies, candies, and treats to get you started!

Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (1)

People have a preconceived notion about vegan baking that just isn't true—they assume that without the eggs and dairy, vegan treats just don't stand up to the original. That's really not the case, though.

Even though I'm not strictly vegan, I almost always bake without eggs and milk because I don't keep them on hand and I've found that my flax-and-coconut-milk versions of recipes aren't lacking in anything - and most people never realize they're eating vegan doughnuts or quick breads.

I've gathered 45+ recipes for vegan holiday cookies, candy and other sweet treats below, but if you have a favorite cookie recipe, it's very likely that you can veganize it yourself!

And if you need a little help with substitutions - you can check out this handy vegan substitution cheat sheet over on Delicious Everyday or my guide to vegan baking.

While you're here don't forget to check out our new Vegan Christmas Cookbook. It's packed with all my favorite tried and true recipes for a plant based holiday feast!

Nicole @ Oh My Veggies

Here are all my favorite recipes for vegan friendly holiday cookies, candies, and treats.

Vegan Christmas Cookies

Let's start things off with everyone's favorite holiday treat - Christmas cookies! Here are my fave holiday worthy cookie recipes.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (2)

Vegan Apple Oatmeal Cookies

These delicious vegan cookies are loaded with Fall flavors like cinnamon, apple, and oatmeal. Yum!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (3)

Vegan Snickerdoodles

These vegan snickerdoodles are soft, chewy, and tossed in a delicious cinnamon sugar coating. And ready in just 20 minutes!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (4)

Vegan Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a Christmas classic. You can't go wrong with these crowd pleasing vegan sugar cookies.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (5)

Vegan Shortbread Cookies


It only takes three ingredients to whip up a batch of these simple vegan shortbread cookies. These are always a hit!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (6)

One-Bowl Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

And who doesn't love a warm peanut butter cookie? This easy vegan version is simple to whip up with a one bowl recipe!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (7)

Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

These adorable vegan thumbprint cookies are soft, chewy, and easy to throw together. And that chocolate center makes them perfect for dunking in a glass of plant based milk.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (8)

Vegan Apricot Walnut Biscotti


Growing up in an Italian family meant biscottis were always on the dessert table. These vegan biscottis are packed with flavor from apricots and walnuts - perfect for the holiday season.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (9)

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies


These vegan chocolate chip cookies are every bit as delicious as the original. They're soft, chocolatey, and ready in under 20 minutes!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (10)

Jam-Filled Vegan Thumbprint Cookies


And if you love fruit flavors, check out these jam-filled thumbprint cookies packed with strawberry, apricot, and blueberry jams!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (11)

Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


These vegan chocolate crinkle cookies are soft, chewy, chocolatey, and dusted with delicious powdered sugar.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (12)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are a total crowd-pleaser. They're soft and chewy and delicious- and no one would ever guess they're vegan.

Homemade Vegan Candy and Chocolates

For a gift-worthy holiday treat, check out these recipes for homemade vegan candies and chocolates. I know I'd love to find any of these in my stocking!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (13)

Faux-rango Mints

A homemade dairy-free version of those Frango mints that we all grew up binging on during the holidays. And they're so simple to make!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (14)

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

You only need 6 simple ingredients to make the homemade vegan peanut butter cups. Talk about impressive!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (15)

Chocolate Covered Apricots and Hazelnuts


These easy chocolate covered apricots and hazelnuts are a deliciously healthy indulgence, and you only need three simple ingredients to make them!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (16)

Homemade Twix Cookie Bars


These homemade vegan Twix bars are easier than you think! Buttery shortbread cookies, caramel and peanut butter, are dipped in chocolate for a totally indulgent treat.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (17)

Vegan Andes Mints


Andes mints were one of my favorite candies growing up, and they only came around at the holidays. Welt his vegan version does not disappoint! Chocolatey, minty, and totally delicious.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (18)

Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle


This easy homemade peanut brittle can be made in the microwave. Yep, the microwave. It will totally blow your mind.

Vegan Fudge

Fudge was almost my favorite dessert as a kid - and Christmas is the only time of year we made it at home. Check out all the delicious ways to vegan-ize this classic treat!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (19)

Classic Vegan Fudge


This traditional style chocolate fudge is totally decadent - and only requires four simple vegan ingredients to make!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (20)

Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge

This four-ingredient peanut butter fudge is so rich and creamy, you would never know it's entirely dairy free.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (21)

Crazy Delicious Dairy-Free Chocolate Fudge

This rich vegan fudge is made with hazelnuts, raw cacao powder, and coconut oil.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (22)

Vegan Toffee Sweet Potato Fudge


This vegan fudge is fudgy, creamy, and super simple to make. And it's loaded with flavor from toffee and sweet potatoes. Yep, sweet potatoes!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (23)

Almond, Pistachio & Cranberry Fudge


This delicious fudge is loaded with roasted almonds, pistachios and cranberries. It tastes amazing, and sure looks beautiful too!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (24)

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge


This Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge brings together creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate for a veganized version of the classic flavor combination.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (25)

Candy Cane and Marshmallow Peppermint Fudge


This candy cane and peppermint fudge is the perfect dessert for holiday parties. It's simple to make and totally delicious, and topped with vegan marshmallows!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (26)

5-Ingredient Red Velvet Fudge


This vegan red velvet fudge gets its beautiful color from fresh beet juice! It's rich and creamy and totally indulgent.

More Vegan Christmas Sweets

And the sweet treats keep on coming. From Christmas cakes to vegan cheesecakes to vegani-zed versions of classics like bread pudding and tiramisu. There's a holiday treat for everyone here!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (27)

Vegan Bread Pudding


Bread pudding is the classic holiday dessert. This plant based version is perfectly crunchy on the outside, melt in your mouth soft on the inside, and dotted with juicy blueberries.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (28)

Vegan Tiramisu


Tiramisu is THE dessert for special occasions. And this vegan version is so indulgent and creamy, you'd never guess it's entirely plant based.

Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (29)

Vegan Hummingbird Cake


If there's a cake on your menu, you can't go wrong with this totally gorgeous vegan hummingbird cake. Loaded with flavor from pineapple, coconut, and banana!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (30)

The Ultimate Vegan Brownies

These vegan brownies are truly the ultimate dessert. Rich and fudgy and drizzled in a decadent salted caramel sauce.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (31)

The BEST Vegan Cheesecake

Nothing says Christmas quite like a cheesecake. This vegan cheesecake is so rich and creamy, you'd never know it's plant based.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (32)

Vegan Millionaire Shortbread

Millionaire Shortbread, also known as Caramel Slice, is a holiday classic. And I'm loving this vegan version!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (33)

Boozy Chocolate Bread Pudding


What could be better than a good old fashioned bread pudding? A vegan bread pudding with chocolate and whiskey!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (34)

Peppermint Brownies


These indulgent chocolate mint brownies are dusted with sugar and then drizzled with a peppermint icing. Perfect for a Christmas dessert!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (35)

Vegan Coffee Cake


There's nothing better than a slice of warm coffee cake to end a feast! This vegan version is loaded with cinnamon streusel goodness!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (36)

Vegan Gingerbread Cake With Coconut Frosting


This pretty vegan gingerbread cake is just perfect for your holiday dessert. Rich, creamy, and topped with a homemade coconut frosting.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (37)

Vegan Chocolate Mousse


This delicious 3-ingredient vegan chocolate mousse is dairy-free, gluten-free and nut free!And you'll never guess the secret ingredient.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (38)

Vegan Lemon Tart

For a citrusy treat, check out this creamy vegan lemon tart. Wrapped up in a crunchy crust and topped with juicy blueberries.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (39)

Vegan Rice Krispie Treats

For a dessert that will make the kids come running, serve up a batch of these vegan rice krispie treats. Bonus - making them together is a fun holiday activity.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (40)

Vegan Gingerbread Pear Bundt Cake

Bold gingerbread cake studded with chunks of pear and baked in bundt form. What could be better than this super-moist, in-your-face cake? The (also vegan) caramel sauce drizzled on top, of course!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (41)

Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

For something lighter, go for these beautiful and delicious vegan strawberry shortcakes. It tastes like summer but it's fancy enough for Christmas!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (42)

Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Chickpea Blondies


These vegan-friendly gingerbread blondies are packed with protein from chickpeas! This family friendly treat is both plant based and gluten-free.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (43)

Vegan Apple Fritters

Nothing says fall like baked apples. Put a new spin on that classic flavor with these vegan friendly apple fritters. Yum!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (44)

5-Minute Vegan Eggnog

This easy vegan eggnog is the perfect holiday beverage - and it only takes five minutes to makes this simple recipe.


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (45)

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread


This old fashioned gingerbread recipe is packed with flavor from molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. All topped with a dairy free cream cheese frosting and sparkling cranberries - yum!


Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (46)

Cranberry Bars


These vegan cranberry dessert bars are packed with a juicy tang that pairs perfectly with the sweet, crunchy crust. It's a healthy-ish holiday dessert that you can enjoy guilt free!

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Vegan Holiday Baking Recipes (47)

45+ Vegan Holiday Cookies, Candies, and Treats

Here are all my favorite vegan friendly holiday treats for Christmas!

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Author: Oh My Veggies

Craving more veg-friendly recipes? Shop our collection of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, including our new Vegan Thanksgiving and Vegan Christmas cookbooks!

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